Meshed-Memory Transformer for Image Captioning

Meshed-Memory Transformer


Transformer-based architectures represent the state of the art in sequence modeling tasks like machine translation and language understanding. Their applicability to multi-modal contexts like image captioning, however, is still largely under-explored. With the aim of filling this gap, we present a Meshed Transformer with Memory for Image Captioning. The architecture improves both the image encoding and the language generation steps: it learns a multi-level representation of the relationships between image regions integrating learned a priori knowledge, and uses a mesh-like connectivity at decoding stage to exploit low-and high-level features. Experimentally, we investigate the performance of the M Transformer and different fully-attentive models in comparison with recurrent ones. When tested on COCO, our proposal achieves a new state of the art in single-model and ensemble configurations on the Karpathy test split and on the online test server. We also assess its performances when describing objects unseen in the training set.

IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - CVPR 2020

Qualitative examples:



Meshed-Memory Transformer has been state-of-the-art model on the COCO test server Leaderboard for several months: COCOLeaderboard

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