Learning to Learn in the Artificial Intelligent era

Feb 20, 2020 09:00 — 13:00
Il potere dell’istruzione nel lavoro del futuro
Auditorium Rita Levi Montalcini, Mirandola (MO)

Link to the talk - watch it below:

I didn’t want to study when I was younger, and now I’m here trying to motivate young people to do it. This is what drives me the most about life!

In this video you can find what motivated me to study in the first part, the bad moments I’ve gone through, and how I ended up in the artificial intelligence field in the second part, which I’m still learning today.

We’re lucky, we live in the most exciting era of humanity. If everything changes so fast, how can we keep up with this pace? Learning to Learn is what I believe the most, along with curiosity.

Forget the “study” obligation, and choose to be free by “learning” the world around you! Having fun, traveling and experimenting with life.

It’s not easy, but there is no one excuse.

Matteo Stefanini
Matteo Stefanini
PhD Candidate in Artificial Intelligence - TEDx Organizer

I’m a (deep) learner who loves freedom. Working on Deep Learning, Vision and Language and interested in applying AI to Genomics and Biomedical fields. Driven to inspire people.